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When you sign up as a member you will receive the full benefits of our deal days, promotions, loyalty points, and more. Becoming a member is simply an agreement between you and MBAM, promising that your time at MBAM is kept in a respectful manner for our staff and other customers. All information provided is kept completely confidential.

To help speed up the process for new customers, download and print out our membership agreement, and bring it to us with your ID!

Download Membership Agreement Here!

Member Benefits

New Member Discount - $5 Off - Any purchase for new member sign up

Wisdom Discount - 10% off - Customers 60+

Student Discount - 10% off - College students with proof of current enrollment

Veteran Discount - 10% off - All veterans with a valid Veteran’s ID or a DD214 form/card.

Daily Deal Discounts

Daily Deal Discounts apply to only what the deal of the day is. Member discounts are able to be combined with the daily deal with a maximum of 20% off on the entire purchase with the exception of flower at 25% off.

List of Daily Deals Below

Ounce and Half-Ounce Discounts

  • Ounce Discount - 25% off any 8 eighth jars

  • Half-Ounce Discount - 15% off any 4 eighth jars.

State Medical Marijuana Card Tax Discounts

Tax discounts apply ONLY to customers who have their medical recommendation through the county and/or state. They are only exempt to the CA State sales tax of 9.25%. Being that it is a tax exemption, the breakdown of the discount will not be broken down on the receipt.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are acquired over time. Every time a purchase is made, the customer will receive loyalty points. One point is earned for every dollar spent. After 250 points are acquired, $5 dollars will be credited to the member’s account. Loyalty credits can be used on any purchase and applied to final sales amount (not including tax)* with or with out a discount.

*Discounts cannot exceed 20% with the exception of flower when buying an Ounce or Half-Ounce Discount. All Discounts are subject to change at any time. Loyalty credits cannot be applied to sales tax.


At M.B.A.M. we like to provide the best prices and deals. To help with that, we’ve come up with a deal for every day of the week!*



Customer Appreciation Day!

Here at MBAM, we love our customers. As a way to show our customers just how much we love and appreciate them, we are giving 10% off the entire store!*


Munchie Monday!

Have the munchies? So do we! We are giving 10% off on all edibles (exceptions apply) as a way to celebrate Munchie Monday!


Terpy Tuesday!

Craving some quality terpene filled concentrates? Come by our store for 20% off all concentrates!*


Weed Wednesday!

GET Over the hump! YOU ARE Half way through THE week! Come by for 10% off on all flower products to help you get through!*

tincture icon.jpg

Therapeutic Thursday!

Give your body the rest and rejuvenation it needs with 20% off all topicals and tinctures!*

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Freaky Friday!

This day is something different every week. be on the lookout on our social media and events page for what the deal is that week.


Smokeless Saturday!

Taking a break from smoking this saturday? Rest your lungs this saturday and come by the store and get 10% off all vape products!*

*These deals are subject to change at any moment per management’s request.