Pacific Stone


Pacific Stone

Full ounces and Pre-roll packs on our shelves now.

Pacific Stone was founded on California’s Central Coast by a group of friends who all shared the same passion for growing great cannabis. Their values are product quality, from seed to shelf, and deep focus on customer service. Every pouch, and every pre-roll is a little bit of paradise from their family to yours. Find out more here.

We have Pacific Stone Pre-roll packs in sativa, indica, and hybrid. Along with their full ounce bags of their sativa blend and indica blend. Weedmaps has all the pricing!

Wyld Infused Gummies

Connect with your Wyld side!

These delicious low-dose treats are perfect for everyday use! At only 5mg per dose, you’ll experience adventurous effects that keep you wanting to explore!


Raspberry, Huckleberry, Marionberry


All natural fruit chews in 3 desired effects!

Indica, Hybrid, Sativa

Cali Roots 2019

Cali Roots Is Just Around The Corner!

Why you should prepare:

  1. We’ll be offering AMAZING DEALS the week leading up to Cali Roots!

    • Because we’d LOVE to pass the joint to you! And lets face it, reggae is incomplete without ganja.

  2. Avoid the commotion!

    • Since the popularity of the festival has grown, the amount of traffic and time waiting in lines has increased as well. Make sure you’re not missing out on the show!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month


1 in 5 Adults Suffer from Mental Illness Annually.

For more statistics on mental illness, visit The National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Are you taking the necessary time to keep up your mental health?

Coping with mental illness is one thing, but what if you could prevent illness from the start? Some ways of keeping up on your own mental wellness are:

  1. Make sure you are getting a full nights rest

    • Many Americans don’t sleep through the night which can directly affect your wellness. Ask your bud-tender which products can help you get the rest you need.

  2. Physical Exercise

    • Low-Intensity exercise is the best for mental wellness because it builds new neurotrophic connections, this can improve brain function. Medicated soaks and balms will help relax your muscles afterwards!

  3. Diet

    • Serration (a neurotransmitter) helps regulate sleep and appetite, it also helps facilitate emotions and inhibit pain. Since 95% of serration is produced in the gastrointestinal tract, it is important to keep processed foods out and nutrient rich foods in. Try implementing fermented foods such as kimchi, pickles, kombucha, or miso into your diet. These foods are low in sugars and high in “good” bacteria for your tummy.

Dr. Raw Organics




Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free

Made with highly distilled, pesticide-free oils leaving a nearly clear, tasteless tincture. Dr. Raw is the perfect product for micro-dosing on the go without all the sugar and calories. All their products are made 100% vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. They produce more than just tinctures. They produce full spectrum gluten-free, Non-GMO, Vegan cannabis infused gummies, as well as full spectrum topical balms. They are great for on the go use or downtime use as well. Visit their website here.


bri meet the staffe.jpeg

Who is Bri?

She is another one of our incredible front desk ladies. Bri arrives to work every day with a positive attitude and knows how to make everyone's day better by being our best listener and resident ray of sunshine.

Making her move from New Orleans in 2004, Bri has been a local to the Monterey Peninsula for over twelve years. She has proven to know the in's and out's of our coastal neighborhood. Need a good local restaurant recommendation? Coffeeshop? Smoke spot? She's your girl.

Favorite MBAM Products

Although Bri is not an avid cannabis user, she has been our go-to for recommendations on our micro-dose tinctures and edibles. Some of her favorite products include the Jade Nectar 20:1 tincture, the Heavy Hitter's AC/DC 1:1 disposable, and the Breez 1:1 mints. "They help with my anxiety," she explains. "I don't really feel a high, definitely a euphoria, but they [the products] all help with my stress. And the Breeze mints put me to sleep!" Although she may prefer to be reading a book in the sunshine of the forest, we love when she's gracing us with her presence at MBAM the most.


You’re likely aware of the cannabinoid THC, which produces a psychoactive effect when smoked, vaped or ingested via an edible or tincture. But what about THCA? If you purchase tinctures, you may have noticed some on our shelves that include THCA but not THC. These tinctures are still considered non-psychoactive because THCA is the non-activated form of THC. That means the cannabis in the tincture has not been heated in order to remove the acidic compound, thus making the cannabinoid psychoactive.

THCA has some wonderful therapeutic benefits such as being a neuroprotectant, reducing pain and inflammation, inhibiting cancerous cell growth, and reducing nausea. For some people, using a tincture that combines THCA with CBD can be even more effective in treating their pain than the more commonly combined CBD/THC. MBAM currently carries tinctures that contain THCA, as a single ingredient as well as in combination with either CBDA or CBD. Be sure to ask about these tinctures on your next visit to MBAM.

Click here to read more about THCA from our friends at Weedmaps  

Watch this short video from SC Labs to learn more about THCA

March 2019 Events

Here are some of the March local Events that are going on in the area!

Saint Patrick's Day Shenanigans at Peter B's!

Peter B's is having a St. Patty's Day celebration! The St. Patrick's Day Celebration includes two happy hours, live music from 6:30pm-9:30pm, and more! Learn more

Carmel Art Walk

Carmel is having their monthly Art Walk! Artists showcase and sell their work and products! Help support the local artists by coming out and having a good time! There are several locations that artists will showcase their work, with maps at every location and blue lanterns that light up the pathways to each location. Each participating location will have a blue lantern in the front of their business. Learn more

Seaside Farmers Market

Don't forget that the Seaside Farmer's Market is going on all year this year! Saturday mornings on Broadway street! Starting at 10pm and ending at 2pm. Learn more

Letters From Management

By Katie Shoneff
Between all of the outside factors of the world, it can be hard to find time to take a breath and relax. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America states that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. And anxiety disorders are more than treatable, but nearly half of those suffering are receiving adequate treatment. Cue: Cannabis.

With legalization in 2018, the idea that there are acceptable alternatives to modern medicine became more relevant. Working at MBAM, I’ve come to realize that the majority of our patients are purchasing cannabis products for specific medicinal ailments. They are looking for another option from opioids that will leave them feeling pain/anxiety free, without the lack of motivation.

Just like any other type of medicine, there are so many ways to use cannabis and find the right way to medicate that works best for you. And our choice of products has grown vastly over the last year. And because of these options, and legalization, we have seen a huge influx in new patients who are open to finding out just how the cannabis plant can work for them. Cannabis has been proven to provide positive short-term results for those suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress. Now try and name one person you know who hasn’t express at least one of these emotions.

There are a few tips we as managers have learned to adopt as leaders and cannabis users:

  1. Find your Product

As mentioned before, finding a way for cannabis to work for you is simple. There are so many options to bring you back to a grounding point, so you can get a handle on the stresses of the moment. Microdosing is a great way for new users to reap the benefits of cannabis without being overwhelmed. Mints, sprays, and CBD:THC ratioed edibles in the right doses can be a great alternative to popular prescription anxiety medications.

  1. Find Some Time for Yourself

Every day, there is something new to be handled. Set a time aside for yourself every day. It does not need to be long, maybe even just five to ten minutes you can set aside to find a quiet spot and relax.

  1. Find a Friend

ADAA says an estimated 264 million people suffer from anxiety disorders worldwide. Finding someone who shares your feelings will not be as hard as we make it out to be. As much as we share in our common negatives, we can share just as much in our common positives.  

The Entourage Effect

The Entourage Effect

There is something special that happens when you combine multiple compounds of the cannabis plant together. It’s called the “entourage effect,” and it refers to the combined effect of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) and terpenes on our bodies, and specifically on our endocannabinoid systems (more on this in our next newsletter). Over 200 terpenes have been identified in the cannabis plant. They are what give the different strains distinctive aromas and flavors, and they also have therapeutic characteristics of their own. When combined, cannabinoids and terpenes produce an effect that is greater than the sum of their parts.

A good example of how terpenes can enhance cannabis is in low-THC strains. A strain that only contains 15% THC may have a high amount of the terpene Pinene, a piney smelling terpene found in strains like Jack Herer (Sativa) and OG Kush (Indica dominant). The low percentage of THC alone may not give the desired effect of being uplifting, however, when considering a high percentage of Pinene, the effects are much more enhanced. Pinene can also help reduce inflammation and acts as a bronchodilator. The medicinal properties of terpenes should be considered when choosing a cannabis strain to treat specific conditions. Next time you’re looking for a new strain to try, take time to smell the lower THC strains to see if the terpene profile is attractive to you. Oftentimes, the nose knows which strain might be right for you!

The entourage effect also refers to the use of THC and CBD (or other cannabinoids) together to address certain conditions. For instance, many people with chronic pain have discovered combining the non-psychoactive CBD with THC is much more effective at reducing their pain than using one or the other cannabinoid separately. Ratios of CBD to THC will vary from 1:1 (equal amounts) to 30:1 (high-CBD, low-THC) and can be found in products such as tinctures, capsules, and edibles. The small amount of THC in a 30:1 product will not be enough to cause a psychoactive effect, but it will boost the healing properties of the CBD. The lower ratio products (1:1, 2:1, 4:1) often work better for therapeutic purposes but can produce a mild psychoactive effect, while the higher ratios are great for anxiety and depression issues without causing impairment. Everyone reacts differently to cannabis products so you may need to try a few different ratios before finding the one that works the best for you.

Understanding the synergistic relationship between cannabinoids and terpenes is the key to knowing how these compounds interact with our bodies. 



Lea is one of our last remaining OG's of MBAM. She has been here since MBAM was a little under a year old. Her face is the first one you see when you walk in the door and the last one you see when you walk out, and we could not think of a better place to put her. She was born and raised right here in Seaside, and her family has been highly involved with the community for decades. Because of her years of teaching and her motherly, loving, and caring personality, she is like our own MBAM mom. She comes to work with a positive attitude and a smile on her face everyday. Her favorite thing to do on her free time is creating Orgonites and selling them, as well as placing them around the store for good energy. If you've been to MBAM and have not met Lea, you are missing out. Thank you Lea for always putting a smile on our staff's faces. We love you!

Security Is Your Friends

By Jack Sterling (Head Security Manager)

When visiting Monterey Bay Alternative Medicine, we strive to provide the best possible products, the best possible customer service and, above all, we strive to provide a safe and pleasant environment for the enjoyment and benefit of all customers, employees, vendors and anyone who pays our facility a visit. In order to provide this safe environment here at MBAM we have our wonderful security team. Our security team is not meant to harm, interfere or scare any visitor, in fact it is just the opposite. Security is here to make sure we are legally compliant in letting in people of the right age, making sure no weapons or other contraband make its way inside and, above all else, assist our guests in making their visit as pleasant as possible. Some examples of assistance that Security can provide are helping our less than mobile guests, escorting visitors to their vehicles, carrying heavier objects and anything else you should require help with. We ask that on your visit you have a valid up to date State ID or Driver's License and/or a recommendation, should you need one. Be prepared to present these documents to the officer at the awning. After your documents are checked and verified, you may be wanded down by the second officer, so be sure to have all metal objects within easy access. Should you encounter a member of local law enforcement during your visit please keep in mind that in order to facilitate both a safe environment and guarantee a thriving relationship with the local community, our security team works very closely with law enforcement, and as such they often stop by to say hello and check in with us on a daily basis. We of the security team thank you for choosing MBAM and we look forward to your continued visits and getting to know the people we serve on the daily.

Letter From General Manager

Between the local shops and delivery services you now have well over 20+ legal choices when it comes to cannabis and unfortunately our area has a very healthy black market as well. I use to use all those options but once I got into the business and realized how much dirty cannabis is out there and hearing horror stories of some of the chemicals people use on their plants I became a consistent regular of MBAM. Even the local delivery services still don’t have tested cannabis and are still selling you cannabis in a baggie in a lot of cases.

Way before I was an employee at MBAM, I was a daily customer. I didn’t just feel like a regular, but part of something bigger and employees were borderline friends. The delivery services were cheaper in some cases but I was lost when it came to cannabis because I had not smoked in many years and each time I came in, I felt more educated and had many laughs with them.

Two and a half years later, we are still living and operating with these same standards. Compared to a lot of local options who are just starting, myself or my staff who have over 3 years of experience will walk you through every step of the way. I have personally helped thousands of customers with their cannabis choices and some of our employees have helped more than 10,000 people in a year. This experience is invaluable and hard to copy.

In closing, thanks to the many of you who have been here, like me, since day one. Seeing you makes my day and reminds me why we do this. If you do have a bad experience or just want to share something or simply have questions, please feel free to contact me at

Give thanks,
Barry Dawn
MBAM General Manager