Member Discounts

  • Wisdom Discount - Customers over 60 will receive 10% off every purchase from then on.*

  • Student Discount - We offer 10% off to all California college students who come in and bring printed proof of their academic schedule for the current semester. Once the schedule is scanned into our secure system, the member discount will be applied to every purchase until the end of that semester.*

  • Veteran Discount - We offer 10% off to all our veterans with a valid Veteran’s ID or a DD214 form/card. Once the item is scanned into our secure system, the discount will apply to all purchases from then on.*

Daily Deal Discounts

Daily Deal Discounts apply to only what the deal of the day is. Member discounts are able to be stacked with the daily day with a maximum of 20% off on the entire purchase with the exception of flower at 25% off.*

Ounce and Half-Ounce Discounts

  • Ounce Discount - When buying an ounce discount, members will receive 25% off any 8 eighth jars of their choosing.*

  • Half-Ounce Discount - With the purchase of any 4 eighth jars, members will receive 15% off their flower.

Tax Discounts

Tax discounts apply ONLY to customers who have their medical recommendation through the county and/or state. They are only exempt to the CA State sales tax of 9.25%. Being that it is a tax exemption, the breakdown of the discount will not be broken down on the receipt.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are acquired over time. Every time a purchase is made, the customer will receive loyalty points. One point is equal to one dollar. After 250 points is acquired, $5 dollars will be added to the customer’s account. These points are acquired over time, and can be used at the customer’s choosing.   

*Discounts cannot exceed 20% with the exception of flower when buying an Ounce or Half-Ounce Discount.