Monterey Bay Alternative Medicine


Our Mission Statement

To educate and provide TO THE COMMUNITY with safe, knowledgeable, and friendly access to the highest quality cannabis productS.


it started with a vision…

A vision to provide an access point for alternative medicine, cannabis education, and a safe, welcoming environment. We are now a recreational and medicinal retail store but that does not change our vision, it adds to it. We now have the obligation and pleasure of educating and assisting new, recreational users while providing our unique atmosphere.



Here to get you started

Aside from security meeting you at the front door, Front Desk will walk you through the check-in process and explain the beginnings of your memorable experience her at Monterey Bay Alternative Medicine.

They are here to welcome you and to accommodate your check-in.



We are more than a team, we are family. Aside from working side by side professionally, We like to get together outside of work socially. Our passion for cannabis and determination to expand this company is what binds us together. It also strengthens our willingness to relay the knowledge that we’ve obtained to every customer that walks through those sales floor doors.

Our Activity Thus Far